Debbie Andrew: Logan Parks and Recreation Instructor

Source: Logan Parks and Recreation Department
Debbie Andrew is a Cache Valley native who grew up on a dairy farm in Wellsville. She became interested in fitness at a young age, running for the school bus every day. In 8th grade she had a health class where one of the assignments was to put an exercise routine together with her friends, and then she was hooked.

When her children were born they did Kathy Smith videos in the living room. Then when a friend of hers introduced her to the step classes that Logan Rec had in the basement, that pretty much sealed her fate as a fitness instructor.

Deb completed her Group Fitness Instructor training in 1994 and started teaching Step, Power Tone, and regular aerobic floor classes shortly after at the Roy Rec Center and Golds Gym in Ogden and Roy.

Later on she added Yogafit, Cardio Kickboxing, Piyo and Pilates to her training, teaching in Bountiful, Layton, and Ogden.

When Deb moved back to Logan to work at the Herald Journal in 2004, she started teaching Yoga at the Logan Rec Center and added Step and Power Tone classes shortly after. Deb now works at Utah Public Radio and she still loves teaching at the Logan Rec Center. Her students motivate her to keep it interesting and to have fun.